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Can my client shower after the lash extension? 
Lash Extension glue usually needs 2-4 hours to bond, but just in case shower as late as possible. 
If your client has eye surgery, could they get lashes? 
No, you can get it done if it is after 3 month. Client’s eyes tend to get itchy when they are healing. Scratching & rubbing should be avoided when you have lash extensions. 

How to clean the lash? 
Do not use oil and/or alcohol cleansers. Do not rub your lashes while washing, comb through and rinse with water. Air dry or use cold setting hair dryer to dry it (blowing upwards). Comb the lashes with spoolie after it’s dry. 

How to maintain the lash extensions? 
Educate your clients: “the less you touch, the longer it stays”. Our hands/fingers can be oily and dirty.

Sleeping sideways or facing down may cause it to fall / grow faster on one side.

Avoid steaming, heat, soaking in water (swimming) 

Can I remove lash extensions by myself? 
No, it needs certain product to de-bond the glue. Please look for professionals for the removal process. Use lash removal cream or gel. 

Can my client put on make-up with extensions? 
Yes, but have to be very careful. Use light make up. Make up removal can be a hassle with lash extensions. More make up is not recommended, because lash extensions is already there to save you time on eye make up. 

What does menstruation cycle (period) have to do with lash extensions? 
During period, hair tends to produce more oil due to hormone changes might cause lash to fall out faster. 

How come there are burning sensation during and after the lash extension process? 
Soreness / Burning / Tearing up - this can be due to tape lifting up the eyelid. Fan it longer when finishing the lash extensions.

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